Manufacture of pistons

Manufacture of pistons

NVD26, NVD48

Manufacture of pistons

Currently, we manufacture pistons up to 320 mm in diameter, though we are not limited to this size. The pistons are manufactured for:

  • cars,
  • trucks,
  • agricultural machines,
  • road construction machines,
  • locomotives,
  • ships,
  • other equipment.

Pistons are molded from certified aluminum of required chemical composition. We especially focus on quality control. One of our advantages is that our company itself manufactures the mold forms. The company is not large; therefore we can quickly reorient to manufacturing one or another product and execute straight, small or average-size orders. We are always open to discuss any propositions and to start manufacturing of new models.

Products for ships and locomotives:

Pistons for ship engines, such as NVD48 and NVD26.

Weight of pistons under approved technical documentation:

  • NVD48 – U        49,00 kg
  • NVD48 – AU     48,20 kg
  • NVD48 – 2U      48,00 kg
  • NVD48 – A2U   47,20 kg

For all the tolerance of weight 0,32 kg.

  • NVD26 – 2          7,63 kg
  • NVD26 – A2       7,50 kg
  • NVD26 – 3          7,53 kg
  • NVD48 – A3       7,40 kg

For all the tolerance of weight 0,1 kg.

All pistons are certified by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping or Russian River Register.

For locomotives:

  • Piston ПД1М.04.001 (D-50)           Ø 320 mm
  • Piston 11M.07.177 (DBCM756)     Ø 170 mm
  • Piston D62.08.25.01 (12VFE D-1)  Ø 170 mm
  • Piston liner 14D40221CБ-8
  • Bracket 30D.912СБ-8